Our Purpose

Xccelerate enables individuals, teams and organisations to achieve long-term, sustainable growth through meaningful collaboration with a total system approach ‘Above and Below the Waterline’, aligning business and human systems to vision and strategy.


Xccelerate are true trusted advisors and will guide you through the highs and lows we all experience in business.
"The Xccelerate coaching process is very different to any other coaching I, or my organisation, have experienced. The Xccelerate coaches have an incredible knowledge of business, as well as coaching. They are true trusted advisors and will guide you through the highs and lows to build and learn. Their approach is pragmatic, authentic and simple to apply into your everyday life. Over the years I’ve used them for myself and the team and over time they’ve pushed me to grow, develop and raise the bar, always in a collaborative, confidential and compassionate way. My favourite coaching philosophy of theirs is ‘slow down to speed up’." 
18 months on and this eclectic group is now one cohesive and collaborative team
"When I first worked with Xccelerate I had just become the General Manager of a newly formed business area; an unusual combination of many different functions that were tasked with synergising and collaborating as one, for efficiencies and growth. Neither I, or any of my business partners then, knew how to do this, just that we needed to. I was introduced to John Stafford by a colleague of mine who had worked with him for a number of years and we worked through a structured process as a team with a series of workshops and coaching sessions to really align Above and Below the Waterline. 18 months on and this eclectic group is now one cohesive and collaborative team that is delivering double-digit growth for the first time. Internally we are being hailed as a huge success and a team that people want to be a part of. It’s been one of the greatest personal and business experiences of my career."
Xccelerate have an ability to drive content into a structured operationalised plan whilst motivating and connecting the team that never ceases to impress
"I have worked with Xccelerate over the last 12 years in a number of roles. I have used their processes for team growth and development, business growth and innovation, as well as for many different types of business summit. Their ability to drive your content into a structured operationalised plan whilst motivating and connecting the team, never ceases to impress me. They have always been true business partners - fully dedicated - and care deeply about the outcomes of the meeting and the success of the team. They are great and fun to work with whilst their ability to synthesise a huge amount of inputs, data and differences of opinion into an aligned, cohesive plan, with names and a high level of commitment, is why myself and my organisation continue to use their services and value them so highly."

Client Stories

Above and Below the Waterline

"Xccelerate's process of working both on the business (our strategy, brands, products and structure) as well as on the people and culture, is unique and incredibly powerful. I’ve used Xccelerate over the last 12 years in a number of functions and businesses and overtime they have been a driver for business growth and transformation. My career has hugely benefitted from the work we’ve collaborated on. Exploring Above and Below the Waterline is critical to sustain and drive performance; without investing Below, we were unable to accelerate performance."

My First 100 Days

"Myself and my team have used the First 100 Day on-boarding process many times with great outcomes. The process is simple to follow through the tools, processes and templates. It enables you to quickly deliver a significant amount of value to a business, setting you up for long-term success, as well as effectively connecting and collaborating with key stakeholders; it gives a structure and process by which you are able to create your business objectives whilst understanding the issues, barriers and blockers to success. We now use this process for every single person we bring into the business."


The Why of Success

"When I first used The Why of Success process with Xccelerate, I found it almost too difficult to believe that you could decode the behaviours, mindset and focus of something that had worked well and then repeat it across different areas with different people, enabling us to replicate success. The key learning was now to become more consistent with high performance behaviours, then look for more opportunities to do this both internally and externally to drive growth."


'Derailment' to 'On-Track'

"One of the areas myself and the organisation have used Xccelerate, is to rapidly help individuals and teams get back on track personally as well as in business performance. They do this by partnering with you intensively over a short period of time, unravelling the issues within the business, the team and often the leadership. Through their pragmatic approach, coaching support and business acumen, they enable rapid decision making which, whilst often tough, gets you back on track. You will always hear the truth from them, and it might not always be the truth you want to hear - just the truth you sometimes need to hear." 



Strategy on a Page

"The Strategy on a Page has quite literally transformed the way our business operates, clearly and succinctly identifying not only our big strategic drivers but doing it in a way that enables us to simply deploy and communicate our strategy into the business. The level of clarity, focus and transparency it has given us is transformational.  It ensures you are working on the right areas to drive growth, and think strategically both in the business of today and the future."

Tools for Transition

"One of the big challenges I’ve had in my career was the need to up-skill my team in the areas of strategic thinking and activation, whilst ensuring on both, the team knew how to connect and influence key stakeholders both within and outside our organisation. Through the Xccelerate coaching sessions we created a meaningful purpose and focus for the team; we truly understood what our unique contribution was to the organisation and identified how we needed to operate differently to grow ourselves and the business. The tools that stand out most for me personally are the ‘Why, What & How’, ‘Business & Team Diagnostic (Nav. Check), ‘Creating Meaningful Collaboration’, ‘Contracting Training’ and ‘Stakeholder Influencing’ to name but a few, all culminating into a Strategy On A Page. Every single member of my team has a 100 day plan with business and personal objectives. It is truly a transformational experience."