Does this outlook seem familiar?

"My business has been performing well for a number of years, however growth has been slow and in some areas not achieved. We have a desire for growth, and without growth we believe we are vulnerable to decline and possibly become disconnected or no longer relevant to our consumers, customers and future employees. We believe growth is an essential part to long-term sustainability for the business. 

My role is to identify focus and drive local, regional and global collaboration around specific projects that are targeted to grow the business. This will be as widely spread as digital initiatives, marketing, sales, innovation and activation. My challenge is how to identify these areas and galvanise the organisation cross-functionally and regionally in aligning, agreeing and committing on a few big growth drivers. People say it can take years but I know the clock is ticking and we have 18 months."

Xccelerate brings together Key Stakeholders across departments, disciplines and regions to align, agree and commit on initiatives for growth using data, turned into insight, turned into ‘so what’, turned into action. We work with you and alongside you throughout your journey, which is typically a full year, in driving and deploying strategies for specific growth initiatives.  There is focus on ownership and identifying areas of collaboration / sweet spots, often between sales, marketing, innovation and digital functions that will maximise opportunities and increase the probability of successfully growing your business.  ‘Xccelerate Strategy’ works on the basis of positive provocation to widen perspective and make the possible a reality.