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Does this sound familiar?

"I find myself in a new role. I was great at my old role and hailed as an expert, but in this role I don’t seem to be able to get things done or know what needs to be done. I feel like I’m failing and don’t know what to do. 

I have just been promoted to lead a team that is seen to be failing and not delivering value to the business. I need to lead this team through a transitional stage where they are focussed, engaged and energised, delivering value to the business.

I am leading a successful, valued team within an international organisation, who have just been informed that we need to transition from a local / regional team, to become a global team with global responsibilities. I realise that we need to let go of some of what we did before and what we believed to be true and instead move towards different ways of thinking, acting and engaging the organisation.

My organisation has just merged with another, and we are working through how this new structure will work in the future, there are lots of questions we all have, and we need a process to guide us."

In business, we find ourselves more often than not in one transition or another. Whether that’s our business transitioning its’ strategic purpose and imperatives, organisational design, new roles, new responsibilities, new ways of working or simply being transitioned into a new team or the transition of new team members. Change is highly pragmatic, needs or desires based, transition is an emotional journey that can either be driven by you or driven by others. We recommend that you always take ownership and drive of your personal transition and transformation.